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One of the challenges of selling a home is the removal of all meaningful items. Before placing the house on the market, family photos, awards, valuables, and religious articles must be packed away. The theory is that potential buyers need to imagine their things in the house and not be offset by yours.

Good for the buyer. Not so much for the seller. A home is impersonal without our personal treasures. It no longer feels like home.

Sadly, all my crosses, crucifixes, and Mary statues had to be packed away. The one remaining item I didn’t remove was my statue of Our Lady of Grace that stood proudly in my Mary in the garden for the last 22 years.

It was reassuring to have Mary there, but the house is now sold and unfortunately, I cannot take her with me. I have little outside space around my new home. So what to do with Mary?

I’m happy my daughter, Erin, eagerly claimed her. Our Lady of Grace now has a new garden and watches over Erin and her family. May she bless and protect them always.

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Grieving with Mary Cover



  1. That part of the moving process is so difficult. I understand your feeling that it no longer feels like home…I told my husband that it felt like we were staying at a hotel and the house was no longer our home. Maybe a good stage to go through to lead toward the final move.

    It was also very hard and sad for me to pack away my crucifixes, holy water founts, and Mary statues. However, when I was able to unpack a few of those things and set up in our new home…it was extremely comforting.

    God bless you through this process.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Thank you, Bernadette. Always good to hear from you. God bless!

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