God Protects Us

“Providence” was one of St. Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin’s favorite words. “Trust in Providence” and “Lean on Providence” were her mottos. What’s more, she was a Sister of Providence in France and then the founder of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana. She truly placed her life and those of her community in the care of the Lord.

St. Theodora believed whole-heartedly that all was better in God’s hands. She didn’t need to force things. She only needed to pray and follow God’s lead.

Providence is defined as the protective care of God. It’s earliest recorded use is around 1600 as “God’s beneficient care or guidance.”

How incredible it is to ponder St Theodora’s motto—we not only place our trust in God but God’s protection. Worries about money, security, and relationships are not only unnecessary but wrong. If we believe God protects us, we have nothing to fear.

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Read more about St Theodora’s way of life in Seven Principles of Sainthood.)

Seven Principles Cover


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