Bring Them Home

The loss of a child leaves a hole in a loving parent’s heart. Whether we lose them through employment or military relocation, disagreements, substance abuse, or death, nothing can replace their absence. The pain may change over time, but it remains in some form until we reunite. Not a day goes by that memories of them and wondering what and how they are doing now, don’t cross our minds.

Mary, our Heavenly Mother, knows that pain very well. She too suffered such a loss. She must have understood the danger her son was in while preaching and agonized about the approaching consequences. She watched her child, the child she nursed and nurtured, be tortured. She stood below his cross, witnessing his painful, humiliating death. And she lived many years beyond him in anticipation of being with him once again.

We can go to Mary with our own pain. Give her your sorrows and worries. She promises to hold us under the protection of her veil and to bring our prayers along with us to our Lord. She is ready and waiting to comfort us.

We may pray,

Holy Mother Mary, you understand my sorrow. You also were physically distanced from your child. Please help me bear this separation. Pray with me that they are close to our Heavenly Father, and we are united with them again, in the next life if not this one.Amen

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Grieving with Mary Cover


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