Follow the One

Who are your role models? Who are your children’s?

Movie stars, singers, politicians, and leaders of all types will let you down. Only Jesus offers us a pure model to follow. God incarnated in the human form of Jesus to show us the way. He is our rule book to heaven.

We also are surrounded with saints and angels to assist us. Mary is the greatest of all saints, but there are so many others who can help. One of my favorites is Saint Theodora, also known in the US as Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. She, and her mantra, “Trust in Providence,”is well-worth learning more about.

Start your New Year off with the intention of continuously taking steps to move closer to the Lord. Follow the one who leads the way.

(If you haven’t read Seven Principles of Sainthood or Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God, please consider doing so. If you have, I’d really appreciate a review!)

Seven Principles Cover

Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God. Book Scan



  1. “Trust in Providence.” I like that. I’m learning the KISS method is very helpful to me in prayers. “Trust in Providence,” “Jesus, I trust in You.” Trust is a nice, common theme, as is the simplicity of those two prayers…!


    1. Yes! Thank you for commenting. All the best to you in this blessed New Year!

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