Good vs Evil

The wicked queen in the The Wild Swans. The weavers in The Emperor’s New Clothes. The evil goblin in The Snow Queen.

There’s no doubt in most fairy tales as to who is good and who is evil. Bad characters do all the bad actions, and good ones are all good.

In real life, the lines are not so clear. Mostly good people occasionally fail, and people who do a lot of bad things are sometimes good.

Our perception can distort the truth. We may not see the good in people who have hurt us in the past or have a history of dishonest actions.

God is in all of us. Allow the light to shine out from us. And see that light of God in others.

(Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message is available from ACTA Publications, Amazon, and my website. Paperback, 120 pages, $10.95)



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