Rosary in Your Hand


What’s the best rosary to pray on?

The one you will use.

There are so many rosaries to choose from. They come in every color, made of every imaginable product, and range greatly in price. Crystal, plastic, pearl, semi-precious stones, seeds, and wood. And the crosses and medals vary as much as the beads.

When selecting a rosary, begin by determining your price range and then pick up ones you are attracted to. How do the beads feel between your fingers? I prefer a smaller, smooth bead, but the choice is yours.

I pray the rosary every day and so, I go through a lot, repairing them repeatedly until they end in a pile of pieces.  My newest rosary is said to be indestructible. It is agate, tied rather than chain link, and made in Korea. I bought it at a Catholic book show for $15.

I’ll pray my second rosary on it for all of you. The first one was promised to the woman who sold it to me.

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