Today’s Adults Create Tomorrow’s

According to tradition, we believe that Mary was born to an older couple, Anna and Joachim. Mary also is thought to have been sent to live in the temple as a child. This makes me wonder how she became such a devoted mother to our Lord and all humanity. Who did Mary learn from?

No doubt, many of her skills and abilities were innate. But she also was influenced by the people around her in addition to the little time she had with her parents. She learned to be loving and caring from her community.

Whether we are in our 20s or 70s, single, married, or partnered, we have the opportunity to impress solid values, generosity, compassion, leadership, and wisdom on the children we encounter. Our words, and especially, our actions, count. Let’s think before we talk and react.Even brief encounters matter. Let’s help our children grow into superior adults.

Grieving with Mary Cover


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