God Is with Us

Saint Theodora’s mantra was Trust in Providence. She realized the challenges this belief presented. It wasn’t as if her life and ministry was smooth sailing all the way.

Yet, Saint Theodora trusted in God when chronic illness made attending to her responsibilities difficult. She trusted in God when fire destroyed the community’s food supply. She didn’t give up when superiors were unsupportive. Nor did she worry when the motherhouse and all their schools were down to their last dollar. She fully believed God was with her and all would be as it should be. She trusted in “Thy will be done.”

Trusting in the Lord is easy when things are going well. When all seems dire, it’s another matter. That’s when our faith is put to the test. And when we do hold strong in those tough times, we not only serve the Lord but those around us. We model our faith for friends and family.

My step-daughter Chrissy offers a beautiful example of living faith and trusting in the Lord. She is struggling with cancer. However, her optimism is impressive. She is cheerful and appreciates the gifts of the day. She knows all things are possible with God and miracles do happen. She also knows that the Lord is with her and her family every step of the way.

This life isn’t easy. It certainly wasn’t easy for Jesus, so why would we think it would be for us? The more we strive to walk a saintly path, the greater the struggle. There are no shortcuts when following Jesus’. But we don’t do it alone. Jesus’ very name, Emmanuel, means God is with us.


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