Mentoring Heroes

So many people are hurting today. They’re feeling overlooked, neglected, and treated unfairly. A little bit of mentoring can go a long way. You can be the one drop of hope in someone’s life that not only transforms them but all those that person touches.

I chose the title for my first book, Mentoring Heroes, because it honors the hero in both the mentor and the protege. Mentors are heroes who mentor future heroes.

Will you be a mentoring hero?

  • Be not only one who trudges through their day. Live with purpose, joy, and compassion.
  • Be not only the neighbor who lives next door. Be that friend in need.
  • Be not only the friend to play with. Shine your light on those around you.
  • Be not only the parent who provides. Share your wisdom and guidance.
  • Be not only the grandparent that cherishes the children. Pass on the family history and devotion.
  • Be not only the teacher who disseminates information. Inspire and spark new interests.
  • Be not only the spiritual leader who preaches the faith. Instill the desire to promote divine love and respect all creation.
  • Be not only the leader who commands. Encourage teamwork and loyalty.
  • Be not only the boss that delegates the workload. Identify and provide opportunities to promote special talents.
  • Be not only the local business owner. Run a company built on integrity.


(You can find more posts like this on my blogs Midwest Mary and Saint Theodora/Mother Theodoreand my author Facebook page.)


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