Busy Balance

What’s the balance between way-too busy and sedentary? If we aren’t working full-time, we may have daily responsibilities, part-time work, household projects, and volunteer hours mixed with extra-curricular activities, socializing, and simple down time. But is there anything wrong with going to the extreme one way or the other?

I tend to be the crazy busy person. Somehow, there is more to do than I can possibly accomplish. So many loved ones need my time and attention-and I am grateful to have all of them in my life. I have work to do and much I’d like to write. The house demands upkeep and updates. Spiritual and physical time is necessary to remain healthy. And a large circle of friends and family comes along with daily celebrations and check-ins.

Little “free” time remains. I would enjoy more play and relaxation as I’m typically worn out at the end of the day. A better balance is needed but challenging for me to find.

The other extreme is to be bored with little to do. If this is your reality, take a look around. So many people and organizations need you! Contact your church, local shelters and food pantries, hospitals, animal shelters, and library.

Or join a group or club such as one focused on gardening, books, sewing, woodworking, or golf. Go where your interests draw you. Do it for yourself and others who’ll greatly appreciate your talents and time.

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  1. I find that being overly busy is much better than the other alternative!


    1. I agree! Thank you for commenting.

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