You are the Gift

Grieving with Mary Cover

One of the downsides of growing older is the loss of close friends. As we pass through the years, loved ones pass away. Reaching out and befriending seniors is an opportunity to offer friendship to someone whose circle of friends is dwindling. In return, we learn from those who are more experienced and wiser than we are.

When preparing dinner for the family, make a plate for an elderly neighbor and drop it off. Better yet, sit with them while they eat so they do not have to dine alone another night. Visit with a senior over the phone or invite them for an iced tea on your back porch.

Scripture tells us to care for widows (James 1:27) and honor your father and mother (Exodus 20:12). Our seniors need and deserve our attention.Studies show that friends help us to be healthier and happier. It’s also a key to longevity.

Your presence is a treasured gift and good medicine for the giver as well as the receiver.

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