Spiritual Role Models

Mentoring Heroes 001

My step-son, Marshall, says that his pastor is his spiritual role model. Marshall uses him as an example of the Christian man he wants to be. He says that his pastor’s enthusiasm and love of Christ is contagious. He lives his faith through words and actions.

The power of spiritual role models is far-reaching, and therefore, presents tremendous responsibility for them. There’s a fine line between exuding faith and coming off preachy or phony. Their example can turn us toward or away from God.

Most of us recognize the difference between an authentically faithful person and one who does not walk their talk. And we’ve all seen both in spiritual leaders as well as casual acquaintances, friends, and family members.

Don’t let anyone turn you away from the Lord. If you aren’t comfortable with your spiritual guide, find another. God can be found working in people everywhere.

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