Serving Others as She Led

Seven Principles Cover

“First and foremost, Mother Theodore was a religious woman. In her humble way she sought to follow God’s will rather than her own. As a servant leader, she rolled up her sleeves and physically participated in her missions. She taught in the classroom, cared for the field animals, tended the crops in the garden, coordinated building construction with the workers, and tucked herself away in her office with stacks of paperwork.

Mother Theodore practiced what business writer Steven Covey calls:Principle-Centered Leadership.” Besides the typical leadership traits, the people around Mother Theodore knew her to be reliable, service oriented and proactive. She was concerned for the people involved. She sought to understand rather than become frustrated or angry at those who did not understand her or her mission.”

Excerpt from Seven Principles of Sainthood Following Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

(See posts on Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore and the Sisters of Providence on the Facebook page for this book.)



  1. thesmilingpilgrim · · Reply

    Can’t do better than the saints 🙂


    1. Saints offer us so many examples to follow. As you can tell, one of my favorites is Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore. Who is yours?


      1. thesmilingpilgrim · ·

        Francis for sure. Always loved that man and the unconventional grace he showed. Preaching to animals sounds straight up like something God would do 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good choice. So many to choose to follow.


      3. thesmilingpilgrim · ·

        Definitely 🙂


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