10 Reasons to Pray the Rosary


Mary’s repeatedly asked us to pray the rosary every day. Why? For a number of reasons, all of which promote peace.

  1. The rosary is Christ-centered.
  2. We spend about 20 minutes with Jesus and Mary.
  3. The rhythmic repetition of prayers is calming.
  4. We begin with the Sign of the Cross and the Apostles’ Creed, our basic Christian beliefs.
  5. The prayers are biblical:
    1. Our Father: Matthew 6:9-13
    2. Hail Mary: Luke 1:28, Luke 1:42
  6. We ask Mary to pray for us.
  7. We praise the Lord with the Glory Be
  8. The Fatima Prayer asks for forgiveness for our sins and those in need of mercy.
  9. We meditate on the Mysteries:
    1. Jesus’ Incarnation, life, Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension
    2. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
    3. Mary’s Assumption and Coronation
  10. We often ponder the Mysteries throughout the day.


(Have you read my posts on Midwest Mary?)



  1. Thank you for posting:-) Meditating on the rosary has brought me closer to Jesus through His Blessed Mother. She led me straight to Him and my faith life and my life in general has all been changed in an amazing way. When I say the rosary, I always pray for specific people and I have seen many prayers answered.

    As our loving mother, Mary always wants what is best for us. That is why we can trust her to lead us to her son, Jesus.

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    1. Well said! Thank you for commenting!

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