Teach to the Child Not the Class

Mentoring Heroes 001

In elementary and high school, I wasn’t the best student. My grades were mostly Bs and Cs. In college, I got all As. The variety of classes, teachers, and formats offered classes that aligned with my learning style.

We don’t all learn the same way, and good teachers teach to the child. Young students can become discouraged with school and feel stupid, such as I did.They may drop out, because they feel they cannot learn, that they aren’t smart enough. In reality, it is the educational system that failed them. They needed a different learning style.

Mentoring teachers work with students in the early years and encourage them to continue with their education. I realize that funding can make this a challenge for teachers who have little time for individualized teaching. When at all possible, I urge you to do so. This type of teaching changes lives and the future outcomes for all of us.

(Have you seen my posts on Midwest Mary?)





  1. I totally agree! Teachers are the gardeners that make our brains grow! Without them a child’s life can be ruined! A good teacher can make a child’s life and influence the person that they become.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. You are so right!


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