Overseeing Care

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The last thing family members want is to move our loved one to a memory care home but often, that is the best option. Our loved one may need more than one person can give and are safer, happier, and better cared for by a team.

Wherever our loved ones live, we are ultimately responsible for them. Even the best memory care homes that are staffed with well-trained, experienced, and compassionate caregivers, nurses, and directors, may overlook some details.

As their official guardian, we must regularly examine our loved one, their room, and personal items in person. If we are unable to physically check on them at least once a week, it’s a good idea to ask the staff specific questions.

These questions include:

  • Does our loved one have any sores or bruises anywhere on their body?
  • Are they well-groomed? How often is their hair washed? Do they need a haircut?
  • Are their finger and toe nails trimmed and clean?
  • How often do they bathe? Are they given assistance?
  • Are there any changes in toileting?
  • Are they regularly cleaning their teeth?
  • Do they have their eyeglasses? Are they clean?
  • How are they eating?
  • Are they wearing clean clothes every day?
  • Is their clothing in good condition? Do they need anything?
  • Are they dressed appropriately for decency and comfort?
  • Is their room clean? Their bathroom?
  • Does the staff talk to them respectfully?

Finally, ask yourself if you are giving your loved one as much personal attention as you can with phone calls, note cards, and visits.

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