Mary in the Garden

Grieving with Mary Cover

It’s time to get that Mary garden planted. If you’ve dreamed of a lovely, peaceful, outdoor space to pray and meditate, plant a Mary garden.

Mary gardens have been popular since the first centuries of Christianity. Monasteries created the earliest ones. As Marian devotion grew, so did the number of Mary gardens in both public and private areas.


Start with a chair or bench and a statue of Mary. Surround the area with plants associated with Mary such as roses, lilies, marigolds, and lady slippers. Or plant the flowers and shrubs that are meaningful to you, vibrant in color and fragrant.

And then retreat to your prayerful place to contemplate and visit with Mary and Jesus.

* * *

(Do you know what red food coloring is made from? See my post, “Want Some Bugs with That Cake” on my blog, Midwest Mary.)



  1. When we are settled in our new home (not sure when that will be) I will definitely have a beautiful little “Mary Garden” space. It will be a haven to meditate, pray and enjoy God’s presence.

    Have a blessed day!

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  2. I know you will enjoy it, Bernadette. I find great peace in my Mary space.

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