Others First

Seven Principles Cover

“Jesus entered this world in a most unassuming way. The greatest person to ever walk this earth was born into a modest family, laid in a straw bed, and surrounded by field animals in a strange town. He continued to live his life in such a manner, void of any form of luxury.

Jesus showed us by his example how to live humbly. He did not take on an authoritative position He extended kindness to everyone including those considered untouchable. He ate with lepers and tax collectors. He spoke with women and children. He treated all of them with humility and as brothers and sisters.

Humility sets aside our pride and allows us to serve God and others. When we are humble, the focus of our efforts isn’t on ourselves and our personal wants or likes: the first concern is to serve God and the people around us.”

Excerpt from Seven Principles of Sainthood


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