Caregiver Responsibilities

Cover Image Nav AlzOne of the greatest worries for family members with a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease is the possibility of no longer being able to care for them at home. The last thing we want is to move our spouse, parent, or sibling to a memory care home. It can feel as if we failed them by not being able to continue the countless 24/7 responsibilities.

But I’ve learned that move is often best, not only for us, but our loved one as well. The situation comes to a point where they may need more than we alone can provide. They need a team, of which we remain an important part. The memory care home can offer a full staff for housekeeping, cooking, day and night supervision, nursing and medication, bathing assistance, companionship, and meaningful activities.

However; we continue to be the one to make all major decisions for our loved one. There’s constant communication with doctors, nurses, dentists, caregivers, and health insurance companies. We also must monitor their personal grooming-hair cuts, manicures, shaving, wardrobe, bathing schedule, and if they are eating well in addition to funding their care.

Most of all, our loved one needs our love and presence. Calling and visiting on a regular schedule reminds them they are not alone, they are important to us, and they are dearly loved. No one can replace our relationship and emotional connection with our loved one, not even after they forget who we are.


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