Modern Heroes

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Our children are exposed to hundreds of role models every day via television, the internet, videos, books, magazines, and newspapers in addition to the people who are up close and personal in their daily life.They are learning how to treat others, lead, react, and speak from them. Unfortunately, a good number do not display admirable characteristics.

And the older our children are, the harder it is to control who they will encounter. We may never know who has influenced them or how.

When I was a child, my favorite books to read were stories about saints. I attended a Catholic school with a library fully stocked with their biographies. From these books, I learned how to build a relationship with the Lord and live a good and faithful life even in the most trying times.

We have countless saints to look to, and many of them lived in recent times. They were real people with similar problems and concerns to our own.

Please offer our children stories of holy people. By doing so, you are introducing them to real heroes and helping them to follow in their ways.

(Do you know that I have a Facebook author’s page (Mary K Doyle) and a Facebook page for every book I’ve written? You will find information there that relates to each topic.)



  1. Reading about the lives of the saints changed my faith life and brought me closer to Jesus and His Blessed Mother. I remember reading about saints when I was young, however, didn’t pay much attention to their stories until about 3 years ago. I volunteered at our parish library, and a whole new world opened up to me:-)

    Thank you for this post…you are so right! Children and young adults need true role models, as we all do!


    1. Thank you for responding! EWTN often airs a biography of a saint on Saturday evenings. I love watching these movies as well.

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