Don’t Be Sad

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Feeling blue? We all have periods of sadness, but identifying the causes is important in maintaining well-being.

Depression is common in seniors for a number of reasons. Chronic pain and illness, medications, stress from depleting finances, the demands of caregiving, and the loss of friends, meaningful work, and physical abilities are common causes.

Symptoms in older people can manifest differently than when we are younger. Signs may include constant exhaustion and an inability to sleep. We also may become irritable, and of course, that lack of sleep perpetuates a sour mood.

Most often, we can work through these periods with exercise, visits with friends, enjoyable activities, and prayer. When the depression is chronic, it’s time to seek counseling, medical care, and medications.

If you suspect you or a loved one is experiencing depression, check out the National Institute on Aging for helpful information and resources.



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