Sorrow into Success

Grieving with Mary Cover

This generation is greatly blessed to have witnessed several saints in action. Pope Saint John Paul II and the soon to be Saint Mother Teresa are two of the powerful role models we’ve had. In this modern age, we were able to actually see these faith-filled lives in action in real time. We read about them in newspapers and viewed them walking and talking on the TV.

I do believe Mother Mary Angelica, who passed away this past Easter Sunday, also will be canonized a saint. She turned personal hardship and pain into the thriving Eternal World Television Network, a global network that transmits programs 24 hours a day to more than 264 million homes in 144 countries. Mother Angelica may well have simultaneously evangelized more people than anyone in history (outside of Jesus, of course).She succeeded in her dream to bring the teachings about God, Scripture, Catholicism, and faith right into homes throughout the world.

Like most saints, Mother Angelica transformed suffering into work she believed was directed by God. She completely trusted in Providence to fulfill all her needs on this path. She also grieved and rejoiced with Mary. It’s not hard to find an episode of her praying the rosary with her sisters on EWTN.

Perhaps our grief also is a necessary trajectory for an important task. Devote some time to quiet contemplation, prayer, and discernment and that path will be revealed to you.



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