Children with Adult Responsibilities

ST Cover - Copy

All too often, children are blessed with wonderful parents, when through no fault of their own, the parents no longer are able to care for them. Situations, such as with severe illnesses, can force roles to be reversed resulting in children caring for parents.

Saint Theodora’s happy childhood abruptly ended at the age of 15. Her father was murdered by bandits on his return home from serving in Napoleon’s Navy. His death triggered a nervous breakdown in her mother, who already lost two children. The then Anne-Therese had to take over all responsibilities of home and family. Saint Theodora’s days suddenly went from studying, praying, and playing to cooking, cleaning, and caring for her mother and sister, as well as sewing for neighbors to bring in some desperately needed money.

Even at that young age, Saint Theodora trusted the Lord to remain close to her and her family. She knew she was never alone and that all things were possible through God. She patiently waited a decade until her mother was well enough for her to pursue her dream of becoming a religious sister.No doubt, Saint Theodora’s experience taught her countless skills and strengthened her in ways necessary to successfully found a religious community and numerous schools in America.

©2016, Mary K Doyle


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