What’s Your Story?

Book Cover

If you’re like me, you like to hear other people’s stories. That’s how we learn. We don’t all need to do everything the hard way. We can save ourselves a lot of grief by listening to one another.

But what we hear most has to do with things of this world. We talk about our work, relationships, hobbies, and interests. We focus on our stuff-our car, home, and upcoming vacation.

We tell little about our faith.

The events and circumstances when we felt and feel closest–as well as farthest–from the Lord tells more about us than anything else. Where did we stumble and where did we soar. In whom did we see the face of Christ? How comfortable are we talking about passing from this life to the next?

Our spiritual path is part of our autobiography, and when we pass it on, part of our legacy. Only God knows how the telling of our faith influences someone else.

Extend the gifts God gave to you by sharing your spiritual story.

©2016, Mary K Doyle


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