Health and Happiness

“If genetics is responsible for one-third of the longevity formula, most of the remaining two-thirds is behavioral. Most of your health is in in your hands.

Happiness is one of those aspects over which you have at least some control. Depression can be quite serious and difficult to handle even with the best medications and counseling. But many of us simply don’t take the time and effort to enjoy our many blessings. For this group being happy is a choice.

‘To your health and happiness!’ is a toast that rings across the globe in every language. It is the universal wish for friends and family.Actually, it is a two-sided wish that works in tandem because we all know, without good health, it’s tough to be happy. Both factors are vital in the formula for total well-being.

The oldest people in America are the happiest according to a study by Yang Yang, a University of Chicago sociologist. About 28,000 people aged 18-88 took part in the study. Yang Yang said that older people developed lower expectations and higher acceptance of others, increasing their appreciation of life. However, other studies also show that happier people live longer, so it is interesting to consider whether this particular group became happier as time went on or always were basically happy which led to their longevity. ”

(Excerpt from Young in the Spirit)


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