Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message


Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message. What can such a title mean? Well, think fairy tales and Bible.

My newest book, Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message, pairs passages from some of our favorite fairy tales (Emperor’s New Clothes, Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier) with Scripture. It’s an unusual way to pray, for sure, but one that will get you thinking.

The book is a part of a series called Literary Portals to Prayer. You’ll find yourself contemplating the meaning behind the author’s words, the Scriptures, and life in general, resulting in a unique, and fun, way to pray.

Compiling this book was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on. My mother read stories to me from her own 1936 childhood book of Andersen’s fairy tales. This is the same book I used to select passages from. I’m delighted to have used it for this inspiring prayer book.

Fifty passages are taken from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales and paired with 50 passages from The Message, a version of the Bible that uses contemporary language. For example, an excerpt from The Ugly Duckling is on the left hand page and a verse from the biblical Book of Job is on the right. The Message literally illuminates the literary passage.

Books are available in a standard paperback size and also an Enhanced-Size with large print for public readings and display.

You can order Hans Christian Andersen Illuminated by The Message through ACTA Publications, Amazon, or your local bookstore.

©2015, Mary K. Doyle


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