The Caregiver Journey

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The most common guideline for writers is to write what we know. Often we become experts on topics we’d rather not know about it, but transforming the pain into something that makes life easier for someone else makes the experience vital.

My newest book, Navigating Alzheimer’s. 12 Truths about Caring for Your Loved One, certainly is on a familiar topic. Having cared for my husband, Marshall, who’s had Alzheimer’s disease for at least 11 years, I understand the challenges caregivers deal with. I know the 24/7 demands of this disease.

We dearly love the person we care for and want to do our very best to provide them with dignified, compassionate care, but we begin the journey with little-to-no training. My intention with this book is to offer readers a reference with solid content and a sense of camaraderie from someone who aligns with their struggles.

Topics in Navigating Alzheimer’s include identifying the signs of Alzheimer’s; behaving in ways that help loved ones remain calm; handling the depression and perpetual mourning commonly experienced; realizing and paying for some of the expected costs of caregiving; dealing with insensitive remarks from outsiders; finding caregivers and the right home; and appreciating the gifts we do have.

Navigating Alzheimer’s is a softcover book, 112 pages and is available at ACTA Publications: 800-397-2282, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.


©2015, Mary K. Doyle


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